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About Us

ROOTED Society is a South Central L.A. based clothing line that specializes in high quality fashion infused with positive energy. Our goal is to encourage you to be ROOTED in purpose by Reigning Over Obstacles Throughout Each Day.

Founder & Owner Corey Hall grew up on the east side of South Central L.A., arguably one of the toughest areas in America. He recognized there seemed to be an abundance of misguided people who lacked a sense of purpose. Thus Rooted Apparel (formerly known as Rooted Society) was born. Inspired by the will to achieve, R.O.O.T.E.D. is an acronym for (Reigning Over Obstacles Throughout Each Day), it represents empowerment, direction and purpose. Rooted is a God given gift founded on the principals of confidence, originality, and success through perseverance.