Rooted Apparel Story-“GOD created us all for His divine purpose. I believe we are all here for the greater good of this world in some form or fashion. And then comes the outside influences to distract us and derail us from our path of righteousness. In spite of the outside influences, we must be disciplined and ROOTED TO PURPOSE. You can find this real purpose behind our real Rooted Apparel Story.

Living on the East side of South Central Los Angeles, Corey Hall, CEO & Founder of Rooted Society grew up in one of the toughest neighborhoods in the United States. There, societal hopelessness seemed to be the norm – a generation locked in a vicious cycle of dejection and despondency, stuck in the lifestyle of
what you see is what you get. What you see is the youth wearing self-afflicting designs, glorifying the toxic lifestyle of drugs, porn, weapons, and violence. In return, what you get is drugs, sex, and violence exploiting the lives of young and old.

Rooted Society is a fashion-forward clothing line, addressing the issue impacting society. In a niche of its own Rooted Society is an L.A Based apparel line, designed to overcome societal challenges and to stimulate positivity in the genre of pop culture.”